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Accomplish your goals and objectives while helping your customers deal with the fastest growing crime in America.

United Nations Federal Credit Union Financial Advisors and Aon have partnered in an effort to provide a greater multi-dimensional security platform for our clients through IDmeLive, an Aon branded, private-label program. In the event of an identity breach or individual identity theft, restoring a victim to pre-victim status, will save your customers hundreds of hours of their own time, productivity, money and provides your organization with database protection in the event of a data breach.

Products & Services
  • Fully Managed Family Identity Restoration
  • Internet Monitoring
  • $25,000 Fraud Expense Reimbursement
  • Identity Monitoring
  • The Green Mailbox, Postal Junk Mail box Reduction
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Criminal Identity Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System
  • Credit Report Reminder Service
  • Online Reputation Search
  • Fraud Alert Assistance Service
  • Personal Identity Theft Background Check
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Credit Security Freeze

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Current Identity Theft partners consist of the following industries: airline, auto, hospitality, technology, financial institutions, healthcare, payroll companies, utility companies, associations, and telecommunication companies.

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