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Whether you are an individual, credit union executive, association director, business owner or corporate human resources manager, financial success is on your agenda.

To reach your goals, you need sound strategies, the financial products and services to implement and manage your solutions and a trusted partner such as UNFCU Financial Advisors.

Our commitment is to help organizations and individuals realize their short and long-term financial goals and objectives. From employee and executive benefits to individual retirement and investment services, we offer a wealth of resources. Our menu of programs and services are innovative, comprehensive and flexible to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Markets Served

Credit Unions

A suite of services for employees and members that extends beyond traditional offerings.

As a wholly owned CUSO of the United Nations FCU, UNFCU Financial Advisors is uniquely positioned to understand both the needs of credit union employees and members.

For your employees, we offer a comprehensive menu of benefit programs aimed at helping your credit union contain costs, increase efficiency, retain employees, enhance organizational image and improve employee morale.

For your organization, we can assist in investment advisory functions to efficiently deploy your capital into proper investments to achieve your liquidity goals. We also make available our significant experience in bond/property casualty coverages for your credit union.

For your members, we will collaborate with you to expand and enhance members' overall financial experience. Our suite of services extends beyond traditional program offerings and encompasses innovative financial planning solutions required to assist members of every income and asset level. In addition, we can support you in the successful implementation of new revenue generating programs.


A suite of services for your members that extends beyond traditional offerings.

We proudly extend our tradition of service, trust and experience to you and your members. As part of an organization serving its members for over 60 years, UNFCU Financial Advisors understands your association’s goal of providing members with access to the best and most innovative programs and services suitable for their needs.

Our suite of services extends beyond traditional program offerings and encompasses innovative financial solutions required. We will work with you as a trusted partner to develop and implement programs and services specifically designed with your members in mind.


A comprehensive menu of employee benefit and financial planning programs.

Having served non-profit organizations for almost 60 years, we understand the needs and challenges routinely faced by non-profit executives and Human Resources personnel. Limited budgets and being understaffed are just a few of the issues that we know you are constantly addressing.

UNFCU Financial Advisors offers a broad spectrum of employee benefit and financial planning programs that extend beyond what a traditional service provider offers.

We will work with you as a trusted partner to develop and implement strategies specifically designed to help meet your needs.


Sound strategies designed to help meet your company and employee objectives.

Whether your business is small or large, UNFCU Financial Advisors offers group employee benefits that can help attract quality employees to your organization, maintain a good morale and reduce employee turnover. Staffed by a team of experienced financial professionals, we will work with you to develop and implement a sound strategy designed to help meet the established objectives of the company and/or employees.

Additionally, our innovative financial planning programs can provide your employees with the solutions they require to address complex financial planning needs such as pre-retirement planning.


Work with a trusted advisor!

We believe that the pursuit of your financial goals deserves full-time professional advice. Whether you are saving for retirement, your child's education or another goal, the advice of UNFCU Financial Advisors can optimize your current investment strategy.

Every person is unique, with their own individual goals, needs and objectives. Our advisors can help you build a personalized portfolio based on those parameters. We are committed to your long-term financial success and recognize the importance of getting to know you.

How we assist you:

  • Understanding your goals and needs
  • Assessing risks and your risk tolerances
  • Developing your strategy
  • Customizing solutions for you
  • Implementing and managing your strategy


Services and Programs Specifically Designed for the Diplomatic Community

UNFCU Financial Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Nations Federal Credit Union, is a financial organization serving the United Nations community since 1947 with a tradition of trust, integrity and unparalleled service.

With more than 60 years of experience of serving a diverse international clientele, we are uniquely equipped to address your needs through tailor made programs developed for Diplomats and Staff Representatives.

Your financial emissaries.